friendly gives moore food for thought

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The glorious summer sunshine did nothing to enhance The Lichties as they turned out for a 3-0 defeat against Livingston on Wednesday evening.

The pre-season friendly gave boss Allan Moore another chance to mix things up and find the best fit for the squad ahead of the cup.

He said: “We’re chopping and changing the team quite a lot. It is very much a work in progress and there is still lots of work to do.”

A slow start for Arbroath at the friendly gave Livingston easy opportunities on goal.

Moore continued: “It was disappointing - we lost poor goals, which we know is something that we have to work on. The goals against record was probably the reason the team got relegated.

“From middle to the front we’re not too bad but when we’ve not got possession of the ball we’re too easily cut open and that’s the whole team, not just the back four. We’ve not had the chance to do any shape training as we’ve been bouncing straight into games.”

Moore is trying to finalise a squad but doesn’t want to race into it just “to fill jerseys”.

Kevin Buchan signed on following the match on Wednesday and Moore is hoping to see Ross Fisher back against Forfar Athletic tomorrow. Ricky Little has also re-signed for the season.

Moore added: “Fisher did not too badly tonight, he needs more pre-season, but these games are about experimenting with players and with positions.”

Unconcerned with the impending season, Moore is more focused on getting the right players signed even if that means starting short. “We might have to go with what we’ve got at the moment.”