Dick Campbell praises Montrose after goalless Angus Derby

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Dick Campbell said a draw was definitely the fair outcome of a breathless derby clash between Arbroath and Montrose on Monday.

Somehow the frenetic game ended goalless despite both teams battering the goalkeepers Ricky Gomes and Jordan Millar.

Each side enjoyed a half on top of their rivals and Campbell reckons that the shared spoils was a justifiable finish.

He said: “I thought Montrose were the better team in the first half, and there are reasons for that. I was impressed with Montrose, I really was. They had great spirit and workrate.

“They did to us what we do to teams, they pressed us constantly. Montrose worked really, really hard. I was rather disappointed with our application in the first half but we got that sorted.

“We were much better second half, we had 67 per cent possession which they probably had in the first. It’s an absolutely world class save from their goalie for Jimmy Scott’s header, and Steven Doris has hit two great shots at him. I’m not saying there were waves of attacks from us though, nobody could disagree that a draw was a fair result.

“If Montrose play like that they’ll win more games than they’ll ever lose.

“I signed Bryan Hodge who got injured in the warm-up. Scott came on so late because he’s not 100 per cent fit and Sukar’s suspended.

“It’s going to take a right good team to beat us at the moment, we’re on the right track. Hodge is the first in the door and I’m hoping to sign one more. My players are in there disappointed but you have to give credit to Montrose.

“It was typical of Stewart who I know very well, they were very well organised and caused us problems. It’s maybe a missed opportunity with the Elgin result but being at this game, it’s not a missed opportunity. “I’m not unhappy, we’ve got three very important players missing for this.

“It’s an incredible attendance for a New Year derby which is what it’s all about.”