Dick Campbell: Arbroath too accepting of defeat

Photo by Graham Black
Photo by Graham Black

Dick Campbell has said that he cannot endure Arbroath’s mentality about suffering defeat or conceding goals anymore.

The Lichties manager believes his players are too accepting when they concede a goal or a loss and Campbell says it won’t be tolerated.

Dick was speaking after the side were beaten 4-1 at Annan Athletic despite dominating the game and creating a plethora of chances.

Campbell said: “I’m very angry and concerned about the way we accept defeat. There’s no team that I manage that will ever have a mentality like that.

“To finish that game 4-1 is unbelievable. We could have been six or seven goals up at half-time. The two goals we’ve lost first half are again like something from a primary school league on a Sunday morning.

“I don’t like the way we accept it when we lose goals. We managed to get in at 2-1 down, scoring a magnificent goal. We’ve probably played as well as we have since I’ve gone in. Then we lost two of the silliest goals you’ll ever see.

“They’re so easy. Berwick, Clyde, Queen’s Park we’ve lost goals. It cannot go on and that’s why you’re languishing near the bottom of the division, because the mentality is not acceptable.

“I’m not willing to accept it but I knew that coming in, I’m not surprised at it. You’ve got to think of the positives, their fitness is good - their attitude to playing is good as well.

“We’re very short on depth; the manager’s greatest tool is the squad depth and I’m afraid I haven’t got that. But it’s very important to recognise this journey that we’re going to go on, and they either come with me or they go away.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I’m very enthusiastic.”