Daylight robbery - Dick Campbell can’t believe loss to Galabankies

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Dick Campbell said it was criminal that Arbroath were beaten by Annan Athletic on Saturday.

The Lichties were defeated 2-1 at Gayfield after utterly dominating their opponents.

Campbell pointed to a number of crucial refereeing decisions that went against his team but admitted that the loss ultimately came down to an inability to finish chances.

Dick said: “I thought that was a case of daylight robbery. We had 77 per cent of the possession, that tells you everything.

“I thought it was a penalty kick on my boy, he’s away to hospital for stiches and I’ve no idea how the ref hasn’t seen it.

“We’ve lost two set pieces, we’ve lost a corner kick and we’ve lost a goal on the counter attack. The pass back, I can’t for the life of me fathom how the ref’s not seen that one.

“The boys are all saying to me that the ball was two feet over the line. These are major decisions that have gone against us.

“We’ve had so many corners, we’re so far on top we shouldn’t have lost the game but we did. Annan were experts in slowing the game down.

“They took two minutes on every set piece. It’s not about everyone else but it’s about us, and our quality in front of goal simply wasn’t what it should be.

“Nobody could deny the fact that we had enough chances to win two games there, but that’s football for you.

“You can’t give two goals away, miss the chances we did and expect to win a game. We’ve been doing well, we’ve been doing great.

“We’ve had so much possession and everything, on any other day we’d have scored. It wasn’t our day and I’ve seen a lot of that. We’ll dress ourselves down and see what’s in front of us.

“The sense of injustice might help us in the next game. I wouldn’t blame the referee, he never caused us to miss all those chances we had. He’s missed a few big decisions.”

Arbroath head to Broadwood this weekend to take on Barry Ferguson’s Clyde.