Clean Scoresheet A Major boost

AFC v Albion Rovers
AFC v Albion Rovers

It may have been more than just wind on their side as Arbroath blow gusts of confidence into their defence.

Put down to the gelling of a new team is probable but significant improvement must be attributed to teamwork in the boardroom between Allan Moore and Todd Lumsden.

As I spoke to Allan, Todd was painstakinly re-working footage from the Berwick Rangers match.

“We work well together. We know from practice with students how to get the best out of players and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Moore and Lumsden are not only analysing match DVD’s but really getting into the nitty gritty.

They record, chart and analyse run times, fitness sequences and distances.

“We graph it all and put it down into something that we can use throughout the season so we can see how much they’ve played and to manage players peaks and troughs, particularly in fitness.

“I know we’re getting a bit of stick for working them hard but it has paid off. Paul McManus didn’t really feature in pre-season and now he’s been putting the goals in every week.

“He ran Colin Cameron’s defence hard at Shielfield, promising more good things to come.”

Moore’s got some more tricks up his sleeve with Simon Murray still to get some solid time on the pitch and potential new signing from Greenock Morton, Jack Smith adding fresh feet to the frontline.

The encouraging result on Saturday proves the method is working as the Lichties left Gayfield without conceding a goal for the first time this season.

“It’s most pleasing that we didn’t lose a goal,” said Moore. “It’s a definite step in the right direction.

“We’ve always known this team will score goals but it was worrying the amount of goals they let in.

“It’s a major boost, not just for the defence but for the whole team.”

Since taking over the reigns, Moore has made it clear that when it comes to defence it is the whole team who are responsible and the proof is most definitely in the pudding.

Playing away at Queens Park comes with its benefits, not least the distance travelled for many players but also, says the captain ‘a big changing’ area, ideal for setting up a board to re-run tactics for breaking down the 4,3,2,1 formation he’s sure they’ll play.

The Lichties strength also lies in their strikers which will test the mantle of the Rovers defence.”

“I predict a tight match,” Moore finishes but no-one can deny they’ve done their preparation.