Bullock on board

ARBROATH manager Paul Sheerin has added the first new face to his squad after capturing experienced goalkeeper Tony Bullock as a player/coach.

Bullock (40) has played for a vast array of clubs in his 20-year career including Ross County, Dundee, Dundee United and most recently Livingston.

However, Mr Sheerin says he has made it clear Darren Hill is still his number one choice in goal, but hopes his new signing can put up a decent challenge for his place.

He told HeraldSport: “Tony has been brought in as a back up goalkeeper and as a goalkeeping coach for Darren Hill as he has great experience.

“Darren is still my number one and I have told Tony that but I think bringing him in will really freshen up the staff.

“With the greatest of respect, back up goalkeepers in the past have struggled to pressure Darren over the past couple of seasons and there are times when he could have done with a break.

“And I think ‘Bully’ will push him and Darren will improve because of that.

“Although it is a tough one on Mike Cargill who has been great to me especially on match days as well as away from the pitch.”

The big story dominating Scottish football this week is the predicament of Rangers and if they will begin next season in the SPL or the Third Division.

If the decision is taken to demote them, several other clubs may be called upon to start the next campaign in a higher league.

And with the Lichties finishing second in Division Two, it has been argued that they may be moved up to the First Division, if this is the case.

But with uncertainty surrounding the situation, the boss says it is something they will be keeping an eye on.

He explained: “You don’t want to see a club like Rangers suffering like this.

“But it is certainly something we will be keeping an eye on as fixtures come out on Monday.

“But I don’t think anybody really knows what will happen as people have said Airdrie might be the ones to go up.

“If it happens hopefully we will have a squad capable of competing in the First Division and it will be a good opportunity to test ourselves.

“But a lot needs to be sorted out before we can think of that.”

Arbroath chairman John Christison added he, too, does not know what will happen in the event of Rangers going to the Third Division but says the club will be ready.

He commented: “I haven’t heard anything about what will happen in that situation.

“And I don’t envy the decision the SPL chairmen have to make on Rangers because it is a hard one.

“All I can say is whatever happens we will be ready as a club if it affects us.”

The chairman also added that season tickets are now on sale with prices frozen from last season, with tickets providing entry to every game at Gayfield including friendlies and any cup matches.

They are now available from Gayfield on weekday mornings between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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