Best of both worlds for Beau

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AUSSIE Lichtie Beau Busch is excited that he has the opportunity to play for a well-known side and at the same time work on his other passion, journalism.

Beau is happy to be playing for Arbroath, a club he sees as one of the more exciting sides in the League.

He said: “We are definitely good value as a team to come and see play.

“We’re trying to play good football here. We’re trying to create a bit of entertainment here and not just launching the ball down the park. We’re trying to encourage people in Arbroath to come out and see us.

“Just now we’re finding a balance in our game, I prefer that than just kicking the ball about.”

A likeable guy, Beau would always be the first person to admit a mistake, and he said he felt responsible for the goal by Sean Dillon.

“There were a couple of goals that we should have dealt with, and the second one was probably my fault, I just lost my man.”

Beau knows exactly what he and the rest of the team need to work on if they are to remain at the top of the league.

He explained: “We need to keep the ball more and build up at the back, we’re capable of getting the ball and moving it forward.

“I’m enjoying playing in Scotland so far, and I’m going to use next week to build up my fitness.”

Beau has been in the UK for nearly a year having come over from Newcastle in his native Australia, and in that time has had a trial for Ross County.

He added that playing part-time football has allowed him to re-ignite his other passion, journalism.

He said: “I’ve got no qualms about playing here, I’ve been in the UK for about 10 months.

“I was up having a trial for Ross County and I was also down in England for a bit.

“I’ve been desperate to play good football again. I’m also doing a bit as a football writer for magazines like 4-4-2 and also The Guardian.

“I used to be a journo before I turned professional in football. I did it at uni and I’m enjoying it so far here.”

It wasn’t always football that Beau tackled, and he wrote some hard-hitting social pieces for his local paper.

He said: “The biggest story I guess I did was on youth homelessness in Newcastle, where I worked for The Star which came out once a week.

“It was one of those papers people would chuck on their doorstep and not read!”

Just now Beau is looking forward to settling in to his new home in Edinburgh where he stays with his wife, who is also from Edinburgh.

He said: “I’ve seen some festival shows, and I’ve been on a walking tour of the city, I’ve also been up Arthur’s Seat, but I didn’t know it was called that!”