Arbroath skipper Mark Whatley hails special day

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Arbroath captain Mark Whatley said it was a great feeling to lift the League Two title trophy to cap off a remarkable season for the club.

And the skipper said it was even sweeter because of how tough the last few years have been for the Lichties.

Mark has been in the maroon jersey through some tough times - letting the title slip away after running away with it by Christmas, finishing ninth last year - but the former Spartans midfielder says it’s wonderful to be making progress at last.

He said: “This season felt good after the last few, last season especially was one to forget.

“Right from pre-season we were looking forward to it, hoping it was a successful season. Getting ourselves over that line after 36 games and picking up that trophy was a great feeling.

“The last few years have ended in disappointing ways so it was great to finish this one on a high.”

As captain Whatley got the privilege of being the first to lift the League Two trophy and he said it’s been a pleasure to lead the team out every week.

He added: “It meant a lot to me because obviously you want to rack up as many as you can, it’s something you never forget and as my first one, it’s extra special.

“Being the captain as well was a great feeling, leading the boys out all season.

“That was the aim at the beginning of the season, to go out and win the title then actually going out and achieving that on the final day was fantastic.

“Picking the trophy up at the end of the day was incredible.”

The skipper praised the club’s management staff for their role in the championship success and said their experience has proven to be priceless.

He said: “The management team are as hungry as ever. They’ve got high expectations and that’s a good thing.

“They’re always pushing us and it’s well known that they create a great atmosphere.

“But when we’re on the training pitch or playing a game, they’re always pushing us to be at our full potential and it’s important to be pushed like that.

“You play better, you do better and you succeed. They’re mega experienced, they’ve been there and done it all.

“They use that experience to deal with every situation correctly and that gets the best out of each player.”