Arbroath boss Todd Lumsden is nonplussed by profligate Lichties in East Stirling stalemate

Photo by Ian Mutch
Photo by Ian Mutch

Todd Lumsden was left dumbfounded after his Arbroath side failed to beat East Stirling on Tuesday evening.

The Lichties were nowhere near their best for the majority of the game but still had enough chances to score the goals to win two games, but it wasn’t to be their night.

And the bewildered boss said he can’t understand what’s caused the change in his team’s fortunes since their excellent run turned sour.

Todd said: “How we never won the game is beyond me, to be honest. In the second half in particular, we created enough chances to win it.

“Bobby’s volley, if that goes anywhere else it’s a goal. The one where he cuts across is just past the post, Kane’s chance at the front post.

“We just can’t get it over the line. We dominated the game, but couldn’t score.

“I said to the players, tell me what we’re doing differently from winning five out of six to taking two points out 12.

“There’s absolutely nothing different happening. It’s going across that white line is where it matters. There’s nothing different in training.”