Anti-climax to patchy campaign

Manager Paul Sheerin is already preparing for the next campaign.
Manager Paul Sheerin is already preparing for the next campaign.

ARBROATH manager Paul Sheerin has already begun the task of rebuilding his squad for the new campaign after completing what he described as a “patchy season”.

The boss has six players on board already with Graham Bayne and Alex Keddie signing to pledge their services again this week.

But, disappointingly, Mark Baxter has left having opted to sign for Forfar next season.

Contracts have been offered to the remainder of the squad, however, Derek Holmes, Daniel Rennie and Scott Robertson have been released.

After the 1-0 defeat to Alloa Athletic on Saturday, the Lichties failed to clinch a play-off spot, which would have seen them face Dunfermline Athletic in a bid to get promotion.

And with the play-offs always being the target for the campaign, Mr Sheerin told HeraldSport in that respect it is disappointing.

He explained: “We have finished mid table and I suppose it kind of has been that way as I would say the season has been patchy.

“We had some good results but didn’t seem to get a proper run going.

“I think it is frustrating more than anything because you can’t help think that it should have been us playing on Wednesday night in the play-offs.

“It has definitely been my most frustrating season in management. We set a target and failed to deliver so it is back to the drawing board.”

The boss is hoping to hear back from the other players he offered contracts to but confirmed there has been no outside interest in Steven Doris yet and that Colin Hamilton is wanting a move back to full-time football.

But he already knows what he wants to bring to next season.

He added: “We need to bring back that attacking, entertaining style of football and I know that myself.

“Players brought in to replace the likes of Josh Falkingham and Gavin Swankie haven’t really worked out this year.

“It is definitely something we need to work on as it probably cost us the game on Saturday.”