A draw leaves Lichties tied at the top

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Bitter disappointment matched the bitter temperatures at Gayfield today after Arbroath failed to bring home the desired win against East Fife.

Despite a well fought battle the 1-1 draw was not the result the Lichties were looking.

East Fife took control of the match from kick off but Arbroath quickly responded and Simon Murray attempted to take an early lead with a header from the centre which whistled past the right post.

Paul McManus powered on with another shot seconds later but it followed a similar fate.

Falkirk loan Liam Rowan stepped up to the plate but failed to convert to get Arbroath on the scoreboard.

East Fife responded with a flurry of attempts from Alan Walker, none of which hit the target.

As the timer ticked over into the 42nd minute Simon Murray proved every ball is worth running for when the ball hit a ‘bobble’ and skipped backwards over ‘keeper Jordan Millar’s foot. Murray scooped up the mistake and tapped it over the line to take a 1-0 lead.

East Fife emerged from the tunnel re-energised and the fight was definitely on.

Scrappy play continued throughout but Arbroath battled gallantly on.

Disaster struck, however, when, with all the bodies in the Arbroath box, a corner by East Fife found it’s way to the line. Despite the home side’s best efforts to clear, it passed into the goal with Alan Walker taking the glory.

With ten minutes to go the Lichties maintained composure and kept the campaign going to the end but no amount of fight could tease a win out of the fierce match.

The draw and a Queens Park defeat means Arbroath FC are now tied at the top with Albion Rovers.