Focus and determination for play-offs

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A wonder goal from The Shire added to the Lichties sorrowful run forcing manager Allan Moore to put his hand up.

“Football is a funny game. One week you’re a hero the next a villain.

“I’m not making any excuses, I know it’s not good enough and I really feel for the fans.

“A good bunch of them travelled down on Saturday and we didn’t give them the performance we should have.”

With Albion Rovers striding out in front all hope of making it to the top has disintegrated but that has not hampered Moore’s trademark positivity.

“Nobody is more disappointed than ourselves. It has killed our chances of winning the league but the past is in the past. We can’t do anything to change that but what we can do is is change the players minds and attitudes.

“Our main focus is the playoffs now. We have to get there and it will be difficult.

“Getting to the playoffs can be an exciting period for the fans and we’re in a strong position but it is difficult for the players.”

Stumbling against East Stirlingshire after the ‘wonder goal’ deflated hopes early in the match. Moore admits the team were far from at their best but training during the week has seen the squad facing the next five matches with an upbeat attitude.

If there was worse news possible for the Lichties, the team is splintering due to a plethora of injuries that have plagued the team.

Moore is hoping that the adage ‘in the face of adversity, stand up and be counted’ will apply to the players that are left to hold the fort against Annan Athletic.

“There is a push from the teams trying to avoid relegation but trying to push for playoffs is a different kind of pressure.

“We have got no God given right to beat any team just because we were successful against them earlier in the season. We have to treat each game with focus and determination.”