Dominoes: Tied at the top

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It remains neck and neck at the top of the Arbroath Summer Domino League after Bowlers and St Tam’s both recorded victories.

Porty, too, won to keep the pressure on the leaders, while Newgate’s draw saw them slip back a point.

Results: Ram’s Heid 5, St Tams 7; Central 6, Newgate 6; Corner Bar 9, Foundry 3; Bowlers 8, Westport Bar 4; Porty 8, Burns Bar 4.

P W D L F A Pts

Bowlers 14 10 0 4 104 62 20

St Tams 14 9 2 3 92 76 20

Porty 14 9 0 5 96 72 18

Newgate 14 8 2 4 91 77 18

Corner 14 7 2 5 87 81 16

Ram’s Heid 14 6 3 5 84 84 15

Central 14 4 5 5 78 90 13

Westport Bar 14 4 3 7 74 94 11

Burns Bar 14 2 4 8 76 92 8

Foundry 14 0 1 13 59 109 1

Singles matches to be played on Tuesday, four to qualify from each venue, 8 p.m. start.

Corner: J. Skelton, Foundry; G. Finnie, Corner (organiser), J. Cowie, Bowlers; J. Hatton, Corner; Robert, Burns; D. Nicoll, Central; M. Gray, Corner; B. Rodriguez, Westport; A. Tosh, Foundry; K. McDonald, St Tams; K. Wood, Central; R. Meldrum, Corner; K. Holmes, Foundry; G. Richie, St Tams; A. Gibb, Westport Bar; K. McPherson, Newgate; J. Birse, Porty; J. Falconer, Porty; L. McConnachie, Westport Bar.

Porty: R. Stewart, Corner; C. McPherson, Newgate; T. Holmes, Foundry; A. Stewart, Porty; C. Smith, Corner; G. Hartley, Porty (organiser); B. Cargill,. Corner; L. Williamson, Westport Bar; B. Cadger, Newgate; Lynda, Burns; E. Arbuthnott, Newgate; N. Walker, Bowlers; I. Gordon, St Tams; W. McQueen, Corner; Kizzy, St Tams; J. McConnachie, Westport Bar; C. Milne, St Tams; B. Grant, St Tams.

Westport Bar: D. BArthorpe, Bowlers; J. Stephen, Newgate; B. Roberts, Burns; Linda, Burns; G. Roberts, Burns; W. Williamson, Westport Bar; J. McPherson, jnr., Newgate; D. Napier, Corner (organiser); Diane, Burns; L. Maitland, Central; S. Jarvie, Bowlers; S. Wishart, Bowlers; C. Blair, Central; R. Doyle, Porty; G. Williams, Porty; T. Richardson, Corner; M. Cowan, Westport Bar; F. Petrie, St Tams.

St Thomas Bar: T. Shepherd, St Tams; K. Cameron, Porty; L. Wilson, Bowlers; S. Edgley, Central; G. Lawrence, St Tams; Kerry Miller, Bowlers (oragniser); D. McIvor, Porty; Kev Miller, Bowlers; M. Barron, Westport Bar; G. Taylor, Newgate; Jack, Burns; M. McPherson, Newgate; Gail, Burns; J. Ironside, Porty; Jim, Burns; B. McDonald, St Tams; J. Smith, St Tams; A. Watt, Foundry.

Organiser to ‘phone results to 07780 504108 on the night.