Arbroath fighter sheds no tears for Onnions

Arbroath ABC light-heavyweight, Liam Buchan, travelled to Perth on Friday to take part in a show in the Queen’s Hotel, promoted by Fair City ABC, writes David Strachan.

In a scintillating contest against the home club’s Rowan Onnion, Buchan was in unstoppable form. From the first bell he controlled the contest. Forcing Onnion to the ropes he landed sharp left-hooks behind the defences, following up with thumping right crosses to the body.

Buchan was totally focused and having dropped a weight category from heavyweight, looked more comfortable and commanding in this division. Wasting the minimum of effort for maximum result he dominated the first round.

Onnion was a game and determined opponent and with the crowd behind him tried to wrest the initiative in the second. Buchan covered well, rode out the storm and once more landed with accuracy and power, switching from head to body with right and left-hooks and straight right crosses,.

Onnion defended desperately, but the volume and power of the punches brought a standing count against him.

Into the third and final round, and although well ahead on points Buchan left nothing to chance. First he rode out another brave but futile attack from Onnion, before piling on the pressure once more. Ducking under his opponent’s left leads he varied his combinations, left-hooks to the body, short rights to the head, throw in the odd uppercut, bob and weave and start all over again. Once more his volume and power brought another standing count for Onnion, who was showing the signs of battle.

Game to the last Onnion dug deep and the crowd roared their encouragement as these modern day gladiators battled to the bell.

There could only be one result and Liam Buchan was awarded an unanimous points verdict in what had been the bout of the night with the best performance he has given in the ring by a mile.

Assured, confident, controlled aggression and total focus on the job in hand. In short a near perfect all-round performance.

James Paterson followed Liam into the ring for another all action contest. The Arbroath’s super-heavyweight, who is a Brechin laddie, faced the more experienced John McKechnie in a spirited non-scoring bout.

These big lads certainly didn’t hold back and from the first bell to the last the crowd were behind them as they battled to be ‘the Boss’. Because of the difference in experience this was classed as an ‘exhibition’ bout, however once it got going the competitive edge soon surfaced and actually was one of the better bouts of the night, second only to Liam Buchan’s excellent win.

This was a real crowd pleaser from start to finish with both boxers have success with some clever and forceful moves.

Although there was no winner, James Paterson, who was having his very first competitive contest, can feel proud of his effort, and with a bit of tweaking by the coaches to his defences will soon become a real force to be reckoned with.