Zippo’s Circus Returns!

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Scotland’s favourite circus is back with a ripsnorter of show ‘OMG!’ set to return to Carnoustie from July 6 - 8 bringing a multitude of talent with them.

The production will showcase the amazing talents of its many performers including the globally-renowned musical clown family ‘The Rastellis’. Historians have traced the roots of the Rastelli family to the 17th century and Zippo’s has tempted the current generation to make their first British appearances for over thirty years.

Human pyramid acrobats ‘The Zulu Warriors’ and the beautiful horses and ‘High School Riding of Summer’ will also appear. The performance will feature the abilities of acts such as hand-balancer Kremena, a gold medal-winning gymnast from her native Bulgaria who has turned her talents to the sawdust ring. The dashing Salvatore will amaze and delight with his aerial chain artistry.

Gentle and light-hearted comedy will also be provided by Mr Nadler, featuring the lovable Speedy and the Mongolian Odka shows off her flexibility by firing a bow and arrow with her feet while balancing on her hands.

To provide the climax for the production, the motorcycle act ‘Globe of Terror’ will have four experts race around the confined space that, for the first time ever, will split open as the cyclists perform their daredevil antics.

As always, the performance will be led by the World’s Greatest Ringmaster, Norman Barrett MBE, who will also train and present his much-loved budgies in an act that was recently seen on television’s ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’.

Tickets available at the circus box office on site at Links, Carnoustie, open daily at 10am to 8pm, or in advance on 0871 210 2100. Fore more info