Youth golf recognition

The Arbroath branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland has won the Royal Scot Cup and certificates for youth golf.

The winners were Rachel Shepherd, Steven Shepherd and Kyle Gibson.

Mr Ron Falconer was congratulated by the national sports committee for his dedication to this particular competition.

The Mearns Trophy for national singles champion with accompanying certificate were presented to the branch by Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin KCB, CBE, national president, at the end of May.

The County Bowls (indoor) was held in March and the rinks competition was won by the Arbroath team. The ladies’ darts championship took place in April and was won by Susan Buick with Ms Fleming runner-up. The area bowls event also took place in May with Jake Jarret’s team winning and Ally Whyte’s team being runners up. Ian Lowe and Bill Cadger were the singles winner and runner-up. In the national competitions, the pool was won by Sandy Whyte, the Arbroath team was runner-up in the bowls, and the cribbage singles was won by Helen Stupart.

The Royal Artillery Association annual dinner and dance is on Saturday, June 22. A games night on August 2 will be between the Legion and the RAA.