Youngsters dice with death at Inverkeilor

TEENAGERS in the Inverkeilor area are risking their lives by playing ‘chicken’ on the main A92 Arbroath to Montrose Road.

And police have issued a warning after a number of recent reports of youths aged between 14 and 16 running across the road in front of passing vehicles.

Inspector Callum Leith commented: “This is incredibly dangerous and could have disastrous consequences. In one of the incidents one of the youths was very nearly struck by the passing car. With the current weather cars will take longer to stop and may not have enough time.

“Please keep yourself safe and stay on the pavements. At the very least this so-called game could lead to you spending time in hospital.”

Anyone who sees anyone involved in this activity should immediately call police.

Arbroath East and Lunan councillor Bob Spink, who stays near Inverkeilor, stated: “I was truly horrified to hear of youngsters playing chicken on the main road at Inverkeilor.

“It beggers belief than anyone of any age should be so irresponsible, especially in the current wintry conditions. One tiny slip of the foot, a misjudgement, or a car that simply cannot stop quickly enough can so easily end up in serious injury or even death, devastating whole families, not only those who are the cause through their idiocy,  but also the unsuspecting driver caught unawares.

“I would urge any person who witnesses such behaviour to ‘phone the police immediately, and I would urge the police if they can catch any of these foolhardy kids, to take them to the police station, give them as good talking to then  take them home and have a word with the parents to firmly nip this in the bud.”

He concluded: “I realise youngsters may not read the papers much but their parents do and a word in the right ear may prevent some anguish.”