Young athletes at the centre of Sport Hub plan

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The Arbroath Community Sport Hub will concentrate on developing young sportsmen and women to safeguard the future of the town’s clubs.

On Wednesday at a meeting in Arbroath United Cricket Club’s Lochlands clubhouse the group discussed ideas on how best to protect and develop sport in the burgh.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Arbroath United Cricket Club, Arbroath Rhinos Rugby Club, Tayside Musketeers Basketball Club, Arbroath Tennis Club, Angus Netball Club, Arbroath Lads’ Club, Arbroath and District Athletic Club, Monarchs Hockey Club and Angus Council’s Active Schools programme.

The sport hub is part of a national project supported by SportsScotland to develop sport in towns across the country and Jordann Cunningham is the development officer assigned to the Arbroath group.

Jordann explained the need for encouraging sports development in Arbroath’s young folk. She said: “We’re putting kids at the forefront here, if we can grab the kids at a young age and keep them going, hopefully it will become a way of life for them.”

According to Jordann gaining the help of Young Ambassadors and School Sports Leaders will be vital in strengthening sports uptake and increasing the ease of access to sport and local clubs.

She said: “It would be really good to try and get these kids to the hub meetings to try and explain to them what our aims are.

“We came up with this idea of an Arbroath Youth Sport Hub where they would come to a forum and speak about what they think about sports in the town, what they think about the sports clubs and what they think about the school sports and that means we are learning about what they are thinking and how best we can give them better access to sports.

“We’re looking to pilot that in September. It’s the first time we’ve ever done it, and we’re going to be finding out what we can do better for them and I hope that in the future we can get representatives from Arbroath Sport Hub to go along and represent the clubs and just hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

She continued: “We hope that the kids who go to these meetings then get involved with the clubs and we hope that when they graduate school they will then maybe step into some of the roles at the club and they maybe will eventually become treasurers, secretaries and club coaches.”

The next step for the Arbroath Community Sport Hub is to identify potential youth volunteers and get them involved. For more information or to take part visit