Yomp for big bangs

COMMUNITY spirited Arbroathians will be sweating to raise money for the town firework display this year.

A ‘Yomp’ has been organised by Councillor David Fairweather on Sunday, October 14, to help raise some of the cost of the annual fireworks display.

The Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council has taken on the reigns of the display at Inchcape Park on November 5, and will have to raise around £6,000 to make it happen.

‘Yompers’ will depart from Inchape Park at 10 a.m. and head along the newly finished cycle path to Easthaven and back again.

The route is approximately 10 miles long and should take around three hours at a leisurely pace. It will give the yompers a chance to experience the exhilarating country and sea views along the way.

Community council chair Mike Cosans said: “This is an ideal opportunity for local people to raise funds, not only for the fireworks, but also for their own clubs, organisations and charities.”

Councillor Fairweather is hoping for a good turnout, which he hopes will provide a significant chunk of their display budget.

He said: “It will cost £6,000 to put on a decent display, but this is not impossible if we can get 100 spirited walkers and cyclists to raise say £30 each, which would be halfway there.

“Of course, any more than that would be an added bonus.”

Community council press officer Ian Watson added: “The last five years have been terrific. The community fireworks display slogan ‘make it happen’ will be much required this year, so get in touch and get registered.”

Official ‘Yomp’ sponsor forms are now available from the following people: Mike Cosans, 01241 873621; Ian Watson, 01241 437660; Angela Smith, 07854484747; and David Fairweather, 07766073823.