Yacht caught on the rocks

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Arbroath Lifeboat was in action yesterday (Tuesday) as volunteers sought to help a stranded yacht.

The yacht ‘Zeeroep’, from Lauwersoog in the Netherlands, ran aground on approach to Arbroath Harbour yesterday afternoon.

The vessel was eventually escorted into Arbroath Harbour following operations by the Lifeboat crew to refloat it.

A spokesperson for Arbroath Lifeboat Crew explained: “We launched both boats at about 10.30pm and rigged up a tow-rope from our inshore lifeboat to the yacht so that we could keep it as stable as possible as the tide was rising.

“Finally we managed to pull him free of the rocks at around 12.40am when the tide had risen sufficiently high enough, then both the all-weather and inshore lifeboats escorted him into the harbour.

“Thankfully throughout the incident no-one was injured however the yacht did unfortunately suffer some damage as a result of running aground on the rocks. The keel had been damaged and also it was taking on some water so we put a pump on board to alleviate that issue.

“We finally re-housed our boats at about 2.15am.”

Images courtesy of Wallace Ferrier.