Writer’s travelling challenge

Carnoustie author Jamie Thompson, who writes his novels on public transport.
Carnoustie author Jamie Thompson, who writes his novels on public transport.

A Carnoustie author is set to complete a challenge of writing two new novels in eight months only while using public transport.

Jamie Thompson, who writes as Ed James, works four days a week in London in IT and sought a time-management solution to achieve a publishing deadline, set in February.

And now the writer, who has made the top 10 Kindle crime fiction chart, is close to meeting his deadline of writing on only planes, trains and automobiles.

The former Kinloch Primary and Carnoustie High School pupil, rises at 4.45 a.m. where he now lives, in East Lothian.

By the time he reaches his office for work, 400 miles away, he will have done almost two-and-a-half hours of writing using cab, jet, high speed train and on foot.

Over 50,000 fans have read the author’s novels, featuring DC Scott Cullen, but few know the bizarre story behind their creation.

Jamie explains: “The challenge was two books written, edited, proofed and published by late September and I started the first, ‘Dyed In The Wool’ in February.

“Basically, I can do 50 minutes in the taxi, reach Edinburgh airport at 6 a.m. and do 10 minutes in departures.

“After the first ‘ping’ on the plane, I get my laptop out and do 42 minutes.

“On the return journey, I swap platforms three times on the Docklands Light Railway because I know I will get a seat at Bank and half an hour more writing!”

By applying this odd discipline, the first of the two books, Dyed In The Wool, was released in July and the second, Shot Through The Heart, will be ready this month.