Working together to better Arbroath

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An Arbroath man has issued a rallying cry to his fellow Lichties to get involved with resurrecting the defunct community council.

Civic-minded citizen Kevin Smith has contacted the Arbroath Herald in an effort to convince other townsfolk to get involved in the project to restart the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council which up until recent times provided a forum for community issues to be aired and dealt with.

Mr Smith said: “Yet again there were not enough interested persons to restart the community council. Up to 20 members can become involved with the lower limit at 10. Surely, among the whole of Arbroath, we can do better than six applications?

“I realise many of you out there may have not been aware of this, or have heard bad reports from the last committees?

“This is our chance to get a fresh start and bring the Arbroath and District residents together, and get other organisations/charities working together for the betterment of Arbroath.

“Please don’t be put off by thinking you will be stuck with doing paperwork etc, we just need people who can get stuck in and contribute to making the area a better place to live!”

The Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council was formally dissolved by Angus Council in December 2013 as a result of low membership and internal issues.

Mr Smith has lived in Arbroath since his posting to RM Condor in 1974 and has been active in the community, serving on the original Seafest Committee, the Arbroath and Area Partnership Trust, Neighbourhood Watch and more recently the Arbourfest fish and farmers’ markets.

He commented: “Over this time I have seen many organisations come and go, and think it is now time to flash up the community council again, but so far there seems to be little interest, but hopefully given more publicity we can get the numbers required and get the ‘ball rolling’!

“If you are interested please get in touch by mailing and I’ll contact the council once we have a few more new members, as we can apply anytime under section 52(7) of the local government Scotland Act 1973.”