Work verification

THE SCOTTISH Government’s decision to keep the verification of building work within local authorities has been welcomed by Angus Council.

The decision means that councils’ building standards staff will continue to be the only government appointed verifier for new homes and buildings in Scotland.

The local authority’s planning spokesperson, Councillor David May, welcomed the decision saying: “The consultation, about the proposal to partially shift the verifiers’ role to the private sector, attracted over 200 responses from the construction and development sector and they were overwhelmingly in favour of councils continuing to deliver this vital service.

“That is a ringing endorsement of the expertise and experience of our building standards services.”

Councillor May said he was pleased the uncertainty about the service had been removed.

He added: “I am glad that common sense prevailed. Councils have over 40 years knowledge of building regulations – that experience is respected by architects, developers and the construction industry and is invaluable to the public.

“In this field we are best placed to protect the public interest. We also bring a broader perspective to the table, one which can support economic growth and promote sustainability.”