Woman hurt by van

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PASSERS-BY were shocked at the Brothock Bridge, Arbroath, on Wednesday at about 3 p.m. when they saw a young woman in collision with a small van.

The woman, thought to be aged around 20, lay face down and bleeding on the ground as paramedics treated her at the scene.

She appeared to be conscious and was heard making sounds to the ambulance personnel.

The woman was transferred to a spinal board with a neck brace before being given treatment in an ambulance.

The casualty was accompanied by a female friend, who knelt with her as she was being treated.

The crowd watching the paramedics at work included some young males who did not appear to be distressed by the situation.

Sergeant Mark Hill of Tayside Police is quoted as saying that after about 20 minutes in the ambulance the woman refused to go to hospital and left the vehicle.

It appeared to those at the scene that the woman had jumped the railing at the corner, just as the lights turned to green.

The van was dented and its door mirror was lying on the ground.

Police have said the van driver did not appear to be at fault.

The incident happened just a couple of hundred yards away from Arbroath Police Station.

Traffic on the affected section of road was halted, but otherwise it was allowed to flow.