Witness appalled

AN ARBROATH lady has expressed her disgust at an alleged incident she witnessed involving an elderly lady in the town last Saturday (July 14).

Mrs A. Imrie told us: “This lady, in her late 70s and using a walking stick, was crossing the road near Arbroath Library where the road curves round from Kirk Square when a police car came round the corner (with no indicators as to which direction it was taking).

“The vehicle stopped, a young policeman got out and said to this elderly lady could she not go faster.”

She went on: “This was utterly appalling. The lady, who clearly had difficulties with mobility was already crossing the road prior to the police vehicle coming round the corner and it was not as if she had stepped out in front of the car.

“I made my way to the library where the lady was talking about the incident to library staff and was shaken and upset.”

She concluded: “I was under the impression that the police were supposed to be supportive and protect, particularly to those who are vulnerable, and not behave in this unacceptable manner. If I had not witnessed this, I would not have believed it.

“If this is the standard of police service then we should all despair.”

Police Inspector Adrian Robertson, in charge of policing in the town, commented: “As the officer responsible for policing in the Arbroath area I take any complaint made regarding the conduct of my officers extremely seriously.

“I understand the complaint has been forwarded to Tayside Police headquarters in Dundee and it will be fully investigated in due course.”