Wish I wasn’t here!

ONE IN in 10 children in Scotland is being adversely affected by their parents’ alcohol misuse according to new figures from the Scottish Government.

The charity’s summer campaign – ‘Wish I Wasn’t Here’ – aims to highlight the impact of alcohol-fuelled violence on children and features postcards from children who remember their holidays for all the wrong reasons. The current postcard from Hayley highlights how a day out to a bowling alley was ruined when her dad got drunk, caused a fight and the family were asked to leave.

The chief executive of CHILDREN 1ST, Anne Houston, is urging Scots to play their part to reduce the negative effects of parental drinking on children.

Anyone with concerns about a child suffering abuse, neglect or violence as a result of an adult’s alcohol misuse can contact the free, confidential helpline, ParentLine Scotland on 08000 28 22 33 or at parentlinescotland@children1st.org.uk.