Winter-readiness urged by local MSP

A LOCAL MSP has been urging Angus to prepare for the impending winter weather.

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has supported the SNP sponsored ‘Get ready for winter week’ from October 24, run in association with the Red Cross.

The initiative is aimed at avoiding the chaos endured by many last winter, as infrastructure and services ground to a halt in the face of the icy onslaught.

Mr Dey said: “In Angus we have a good record of responding to adverse conditions, having had long experience as a rural area dealing with similar weather.

“I would however encourage my constituents to ensure they are prepared again this year in case we face another harsh winter.

“Making sure your car has the correct tyres responsive to snowy conditions is vital, as is ensuring your home is well-protected.

“Get Ready for Winter Week won’t be kicking off until the end of October but with the seasons changing and the nights getting darker earlier already, I would encourage Angus South residents to make sure that they are able to enjoy the season safe in the knowledge they are ready for it.”