Widow’s plea for return of late husband’s ashes

AN ARBROATH widow is appealing for help in locating a necklace with sentimental value.

Mrs Shiela McCann is desperate to find the teardrop chain containing her late husband Alex’s ashes.

According to Mrs McCann she last had the necklace at the Meadowbank Inn during the Canny Walkers reunion on Friday, February 22, and thinks it may have fallen out of her handbag.

Mrs McCann said: “I have it on all the time, but I had taken it off and put it in my handbag for the reunion.

“I’m really only worried about getting my husband’s ashes back. My sister sent it to me from America after my husband died. It wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me.”

The chain is described as woven gold, attached to this is a gold apple and gold seahorse as well as the pear-shaped silver teardrop which contains Mr McCann’s ashes.

She has already contacted the Meadowbank Inn and Tayside Police with no success and hopes that somebody has picked it up.

Mrs McCann has offered a reward for the return of the necklace and her late husband’s ashes and can be contacted on 01241 858090.