Who do you think you are?

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How much do you know about your family tree? The question is being posed in a quest to find descendants of some of the town’s prodigal sons.

As part of their statue project honouring the likes of David Dunbar Buick, Thomas Moonlight and William Small, Arbroath Guildry Incorporated is seeking the descendants of these historical figures to take part in events currently being planned for next year.

Carolyn Siddalls has been given the task due to her experience researching her own family tree.

Buick was the founder of the Buick Motor Company, a cornerstone of American car giant General Motors and his direct family tree in the United States has already been extensively researched.

Now Carolyn is looking to trace the remaining Scottish roots of the family tree which have so far found family descended from Buick’s brother living in Hill Terrace and also Dundee in the 1900s.

She said: “The nearer we get to now the harder it becomes to access the details with the privacy laws. I would say I’ve gone as far as I could with what’s most easily available.

“We need information as far back as they can provide, names of family, if you can tell us the names of your grandparents, when they got married, your grandmother’s maiden name. Enough that can give us a start searching on the Scotland’s People website.”

The spelling of a surname is not an issue as Carolyn points out. She said: “He’s Buick now, but when he was born he was registered as Buik, There’s a mix and that’s down to the registrar of the time, some of those people doing the registration couldn’t read or write.”

Anyone who believes they are related to Buick, Moonlight or Small, should email Carolyn at carolyn20@hotmail.co.uk