What do you like about Arbroath

Harbourside Grill banner.
Harbourside Grill banner.

THE PROPRIETOR of Arbroath’s most successful new restaurant, William Inglis of the Harbourside Grill, is a man who prefers to see a cup half full rather than half empty. He loves his adopted hometown and has little time for those who criticise Arbroath either out of habit or for the sake of it.

Every guest who eats in his restaurant is invited to fill in a ‘feedback’ card after their meal. It is in three sections, the first being about the restaurant and the food, the second asking for the customer’s e-mail address and the third asks what they most like about Arbroath.

He is delighted to get an almost 75 per cent response and is happy that many diners agree with him that Arbroath is a nice place to be. He has had a banner made with the top five comments from his customers.

They are: 1, Friendly folk; 2, Harbourside Grill; 3, Open Spaces; 4, Heritage; and 5, Arbroath Smokies.

William himself says: “We love the great produce on our doorstep.”