Westport meeting place open again for business

A POPULAR Arbroath cafe and meeting place for young people reopened this week.

On Wednesday the renovated and enlarged OBs on the Westport re-opened providing a daytime cafe and drop-in youth centre for the town.

OBs was able to expand thanks to the Oyster Trust, which made available the adjacent empty premises of Oyster Crafts, which lad lain unused since major flooding during Christmas 2010.

Local charity the Oyster Trust owns both OBs’ premises and those of the empty adjacent site which used to be Oyster Crafts, and which was abandoned following major flood damage in Christmas 2010.

Combining the two premises has allowed OBs to expand with more tables in a brighter space for socialising.

OBs provides affordably priced and good quality homemade food to customers during the day.

In addition, people struggling to find work, be it through learning difficulties or some other reason can gain work experience in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

On Friday and Saturday evenings the cafe welcomes young people in S1 and upwards, and provides them with a safe environment to socialise in and a sympathetic ear if needed.

Also operating out of OBs is the ‘Hot Chocolate Initiative’ which sees OBs staff engaging with young people hanging out on the streets.

A spokesperson for OBs said: “We are looking forward to seeing all our customers back and are interested to find out their views on the new look OBs.

“We would also extend a warm invitation to all those who have never been before – why not pop in and see what you think!”

OBs would like to thank all the companies involved in the renovation.