Well-deserved time in the ‘LimeLight’

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The dynamic duo behind Arbroath’s vibrant youth theatre company had the chance to enjoy some time in a different sort of ‘LimeLight’ recently.

Mike Carlin and Chris O’Mara, founders of the LimeLight Company which specialises in introducing young people to musical theatre and which stages their highly professional shows at the Webster Memorial Theatre, were presented with the Outstanding Contribution To The Community Award at the inaugural Radio Tay Awards at Malmaison, Dundee, on March 27.

Chris and Mike were nominated by the parents of their LimeLight protégés and were then shortlisted by the judges’ panel and were presented with the award by television personality John Leslie.

Parent Lorraine Stephen contacted The Herald to spread the good news. She said: “I feel like they have done so much for the kids and the community. They have raised £25,000 over two years and it is about time they got some recognition.”

Speaking to The Herald earlier this week Mike said: “We were lucky enough that the lady who got in touch, Lorraine, had a secret campaign going on behind our backs on Facebook with all the other parents and the Arbroath community to get us enough of the votes and a huge volume of nominations all saying ridiculously nice things about us. In addition it’s also for putting on so many shows and giving young people in Angus the opportunity to do musical theatre.

“We are still kind of reeling from it, we’ve been going for four years and just about to start our fifth year and it’s nice to finally get a little bit of recognition.

“One of the things we’ve not made clear, and we are trying to do that now, is that we are not doing it for profit, one of the reasons we sell tickets is so that we can put on the next show, this is entirely not for profit.

“People don’t realise it’s £16 to 20,000 to put on a show, so we’ve been doing it off our own backs and now to have a bit of recognition for that is really special.”

The LimeLight Company’s next production is ‘Our House’ the Madness musical which runs from may 27-30. Chris said: “It ties in nicely with their appearance at MoFest. It’s a completely junior cast, with possibly a couple of special guests every now and again!”

Mike and Chris are also in the process of organising a family fun event in July along the lines of the former Donkey Derbies, and this would include events such as a repeat of their successful ‘ColourRun’ from last year and also a 2,000 balloon race.