Weekend course at Hospitalfield

Violet Jacob
Violet Jacob

A weekend course at Hospitalfield House this month celebrates one of Angus’ and Scotland’s most significant authors - Violet Jacob.

The course, led by Lisa Simmons and Sheila Mann, will mean spending a weekend at the beautiful and historic building immersed in the life and works of the poet and writer. It runs from Friday to Sunday, August 16 to 18.

The course forms part of a focus on the great contribution that artists and writers from the east coast of Scotland have made to Scottish culture.

Born in 1863, Violet Jacob lived at House of Dun on the outskirts of Montrose. She travelled extensively and wrote about her experiences at home and abroad - often using Scottish dialect.

Her body of work tells us a great deal about life as a woman in the late 19th and early 20th century and also gives an insight into the lives of others she encountered while living in rural Angus.

Lisa Simmons and Sheila Mann both have a track record of teaching in a variety of settings. For the past 14 years Lisa has been employed by the University of Dundee’s Continuing Learning Department and delivers local history and genealogy courses in that role. Sheila had a career as a head teacher in Howe o’ the Mearns schools before becoming a tour guide at House of Dun.

Sheila commented: “Violet Jacob’s Scottish Poetry has a special appeal to me because of its ‘music’, humour, pathos and characters as well as the insight which it provides into the rural way of life of old Angus and the Scots language.”

Programme manager Laura Simpson added: “Violet Jacob gets far less attention than her writing deserves. She has made a massive impact on Scottish literature but is often overlooked in Scotland, although recognised as a significant writer in Europe.”