Weaving a tartan spell

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THE DESIGNER of Arbroath’s own tartan was in the Borders this week on a scouting mission.

Steven Patrick Sim, whose brainchild the Red Lichtie tartan is, visited Selkirk on Monday to tour tartan mills belonging to DC Dalgliesh and Lochcarron of Scotland.

Steven said: “I went down with my friend, local artist and businesswoman Jill Henderson. It was great to have someone with me to help. She was very helpful when we came to selecting the actual yarn colours.”

The pair visited the D.C. Dalgliesh mill where they were able to see first hand the traditional techniques still in use there.

Steven said: “We had a tour round the mill, it was fantastic to see the old fashioned machinery and ancient looms and fascinating to see how they worked.

“They produce high end weaving and tailoring. And I’m considering them as the producer of the traditional hand tailored kilts and pure spun silk products.”

Next was a visit to the more modern Lochcarron of Scotland’s mill, also in Selkirk. Steven added: “I decided I would also source a supplier that could meet the middle market.

“It was fantastic to see and experience the more modern looms at work! The quality is excellent and they also supply tartans to Glenisla Kilts, the sole supplier to the Scottish Regiment.”

According to Steven it would make sense to use both mills, and is hopeful to place orders soon.

He said: “Orders for tartan will hopefully be placed within the next couple of weeks. I’m also offering gift vouchers if anyone would like to ‘commission’ a kilt as a pre-ordered gift!”