We need a bigger house!

AN ARBROATH mother of seven claims Angus Council is not willing to help despite her family being forced to live in cramped conditions.

Christine Strachan lives with her husband and children as well as her elderly father-in-law, who is disabled, in a private four bedroomed house.

But despite being on the local authority waiting list for over two-and-half years, she feels no attempt has been made to find her and her family a larger house.

She explained: “We are not getting any help from anywhere and I have just had enough.

“We have been waiting two and a half years and all we are being told is that you will just have to wait.

“The council told us that we need somewhere bigger but they say they don’t have any bigger houses with six or seven bedrooms.

“There is a two in one house on Bruce Road and even though we have medical reasons it has been given to somebody else.”

Mrs Strachan’s father-in-law, who lives with the family recently suffered a stroke, which has limited his mobility.

This has meant that their current downstairs utility room is now a bedroom for him.

But again she says the authority are not taking this into account.

She added: “My father-in-law’s room is the utility room which is downstairs off the kitchen, which isn’t good for

“We were told we were on top of the waiting list but nothing is happening.

“It feels like we are getting nowhere, it is just annoying and frustrating.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We don’t comment on individual tenants or their situations, but the availability of accommodation suitable for larger families is in very short supply.

“We are always happy to discuss housing situations with tenants, who should contact a housing officer through the council’s local ACCESS offices or by telephone on 08452 777 778.”