‘We currently have the ‘Best of Both Worlds’

Derek Wann
Derek Wann

As part of our countdown to Scotland’s referendum on September 18 we hear from local people every week to find out their views on the Indy debate.

This week we speak to Derek Wann, the Scottish Conservatives parliamentary candidate for Angus at the UK Westminster election next year.

Mr Wann says: “I would say to those asking for the right to run our country ‘We Already Do’, we have our own Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh that should make decisions daily for the people of Scotland giving us our independence on many an issue.

“For too long now our current government has not made any real decisions just in case it upsets anyone prior to the referendum in September.

“Many folk don’t realise that we already have devolved powers and control the NHS, education, housing, sports and arts, agriculture, forestry and fishing, emergency services, planning, social work, heritage, some aspects of transport and finally tourism. In 2015, we will have tax raising powers for landfill and stamp duty and come 2016 Scottish ministers will be able to vary the rate of income tax.

“We currently have the ‘Best of Both Worlds’, our own parliament and representation in Westminster, giving us the security of the whole population of the UK.

“We are just coming out of the worst recession in decades and this is because we have all pulled together and worked our way out, could we have done this on our own? Possibly but at what long-term cost?

“Look at other countries within the EU that are still really struggling! Scotland is a nation of exporters and a lot of our companies rely heavily on trade with other countries.

“Why when the majority of countries are looking to open borders with other countries are the Yes campaign and the SNP looking to do its utmost to close our border with the rest of the UK?”

The currency issue has sparked huge debate throughout the UK, what is your opinion on it?

“We have been informed that a currency union is not a viable option. No one has said we can’t use the pound (£) just to make that clear. We will then be faced with possible currency fluctuations making trading a cost to both supplier and user. If Scotland adopts an immigration policy which coincides with the Rest of the UK, borders then would likely be necessary.

“These are all valid points that need to be taken account of, not just laughed at and criticised as ‘bluff and bluster’.

“This debate has done nothing but divide a great nation of people and has caused many a fall out between both sides of the campaign. We see daily in the news of name calling, threats and vandalism, this is not what Scotland is about.

“We are a great nation of people and should be proud to call ourselves Scottish and British.”

Finally, what would your message be to voters?

“My message to the voters is don’t make what is the most important decision any of us in Scotland will ever have to make in our lifetime on a wing and a prayer.

“We have been offered no facts and figures to back up the idea of voting Yes, and this is not like a normal election where in five years you can change your mind, this one is permanent.

“I truly believe that come September 18 the people of Scotland will vote overwhelmingly No and say we are Better Together.”