Warm welcome for new students

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There are plenty of fresh faces to attend D&A College’s three Freshers’ events this week with between 2000 and 3000 new faces warmly welcomed to each of the three campuses.

Returning students will also enjoy a mixture of fun-filled activities with the opportunity to glean advice on health, welfare, and finance issues at Kingsway, Gardyne and Arbroath, with representatives of about 100 organisations, representing local and national businesses the third sector and a range of clubs for devotees of sports, and leisure activities.

“It is always good to see links forged with the local community and the student body that’s why we are pleased to welcome, not only the new students but local businesses promoting student discounts and various opportunities” said Katie Baxter, learner engagement manager.

Freshers is brought to the students by the learner engagement team, whose key focus is to motivate new students right from the start of the year.

“As always we are grateful to all the local organisations and businesses who support our Freshers’ events each year.”

D&A Freshers is also a fun-filled event with inflatable attractions, Sumo suit wrestling, and crazy golf and, to ensure a carnival atmosphere, the first taste of student life for some could be candy floss!

Running from 11am-1.30pm at each venue Freshers 2016 takes place at Kingsway Campus on Tuesday, August 30, at Gardyne Campus on Wednesday, August 31, and at Arbroath Campus on Thursday, September 1.

D&A College Students’ Association will have strong representation at each of these events with student president Shazz Muhammad keen to welcome new members.

“We are aiming for a far stronger student association than in past years, forging links across Scotland and the UK and aiming to perform at a national level within the NUS,” said the president.

Shazz took up his post at the end of the last academic year but, despite being newly appointed, was invited to give the closing speech at the NUS 2016 Gathering in recognition of DASA being described as ‘one of the most inspiring and the fastest developing college students’ association’ under his stewardship.

Shazz is also keen to view the student journey from a wider perspective and, as well as welcoming Freshers, is happy to welcome representatives of both of the city universities.

“Enrolling at college is now a recognised way of accessing a degree course at university, and while many of the students at Freshers events are first year, many are returning students – who are beginning to think about what they will do once they have completed their studies at D&A College,” said Shazz.