Wall work to be done “in near future”

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TEN MONTHS on from barriers being installed by Angus Council to keep pedestrians away from a dangerous wall in the town and nothing has yet been done to repair it.

Indeed, part of the wall has since collapsed and the remainder looks none too safe.

The 10-foot high structure which borders a house opposite Keptie Pond appears very old and is built from a mixture of sandstone rubble and boules, round rocks from the seashore.

However, to say nothing has been done is perhaps unfair to Angus Council, as they initially erected barriers to keep folk away from the dangerous area at the junction of Arbirlot Road and Keptie Road.

They fenced off a pavement which was situated in the lee of the wall in question and the adjacent grassy area.

At the time, in April of last year, a council spokesperson said that demolition and reconstruction of the wall would be undertaken once discussion with the neighbouring proprietor had been concluded.

Councillor David Fairweather said that he had been involved in discussion with both the owner of the house behind the wall and Angus Council.

He explained: “There was a dispute as to who owned the wall and who should pay for it to be reinstated.

“At the time, council engineers felt that the wall was extremely unsafe and the council rightly took the decision to fence it off.

“Part of it has since fallen down and if it had fallen on a passer-by, particularly a mum pushing a pram, someone could have been seriously injured or even killed.

“The engineers got it spot on.

“I believe that the council and the owner have now agreed how the cost will be shared and I would hope that work will soon begin to reinstate the wall.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Discussions have taken place with the landowner, who is responsible for the wall, regarding proposals to carry out the repairs. These works should be undertaken in the near future to allow for the removal of the safety barriers, once necessary agreements are in place.”