Wall to be repaired soon

Wall collapse on the corner of Keptie Road and Arbitlot Road.
Wall collapse on the corner of Keptie Road and Arbitlot Road.

The end may be in sight concerning repair of a dangerous wall in the west end of the town on the access to a main shopping centre.

Councillor David Fairweather hosted a meeting on Wednesday afternoon between a homeowner and Angus Council engineers who managed to thrash out a solution to the problem.

Angus Council first put up barriers in April last year when the wall at the junction of Keptie Road, Arbirlot Road and Nolt Loan Road started to bow dangerously. Pedestrians walking from Keptie Road towards the Timmergreens shopping centre were guided away from the danger area.

The 10-foot high structure which borders a house opposite Keptie Pond appears very old and is built from a mixture of sandstone rubble and boules, round rocks from the seashore. The mortar which binds them together appears to have crumbled and the wall eventually collapsed, fortunately without injury to anyone.

Angus Council erected fencing at the site to provide a more substantial barrier to direct pedestrians away from the hazard.

At the time, a spokesperson for Angus Council commented: “The demolition and reconstruction of the wall will be done as soon as is possible, once discussion with the neighbouring proprietor has been concluded. The council apologises for any disruption caused while this essential safety work is under way.”

However, over a year later and the gaping hole left when the wall collapsed has not been repaired and the barriers are still in place.

The owner of 82 Nolt Loan Road, Mr John Curry, whose garden is bounded by the wall in question, felt that the tenders that Angus Council had got for rebuilding the wall were too high. And councillor Fairweather agreed.

The councillor commented: “Angus Council has been happy to work with Mr Curry from the outset. The council put the job out to tender, and three quotes were received, with the council paying a proportion of the cost and Mr Curry the remainder.

“However, at Wednesday’s meeting a compromise was reached. The engineer officials will get everything checked and all going well, that will bring down the price.

“Everyone now seems to be happy and we are looking for the work to begin at the end of June or the beginning of July.”

Mr Fairweather concluded: “I am absolutely delighted that agreement has been reached at last and the repair will get underway shortly.”