Waiting times come down

THE MSP for Angus South has welcomed assurances from NHS Tayside regarding reducing waiting times for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Graeme Dey MSP raised the issue of waiting times after figures were released from NHS’s Information Services Division in September.

The figures showed that in Tayside 74.5 per cent of people were treated within a three week window, whereas the national average stood at 90 per cent.

Mr Dey subsequently raised the matter with NHS Tayside who responded by confirming their commitment to reaching the 90 per cent mark by March 2013.

He commented: “I was concerned to see that NHS Tayside had fallen behind Scotland’s other health boards in terms of reducing waiting times for those suffering from drug or alcohol problems.

“I am encouraged however, that in their response to my approach, they have indicated that the next set of interim figures to be released will show progress and that they anticipate reaching the 90 per cent mark by March 2013.

“I will therefore keep a watchful eye on how the situation develops over the coming months.”