Victim required surgery after being attacked by dog

ANOTHER attack in Arbroath by a Staffordshire bull terrier type dog required the victim to have plastic surgery due to the injuries sustained in the incident.

At the end of last month, the dog mauled a family member of a resident in the west end of the town, which left them with serious injuries after the animal bit their face.

They had to endure a stay in Ninewells Hospital which included surgery and resulted in stitches being required to both the inside and outside of the damaged area.

But despite informing the police, a relative of the victim who does not want to be named says he is concerned the same dog could strike again.

He explained: “I hope the gentlemen in charge of the dog at the time is proud of himself as he totally ignored my wife when she demanded his name, made off down the street without any thought for the injured party, who was obviously in great distress and bleeding profusely.

“The police were immediately informed and dealt with the incident as best they could, given their limited powers.

“However the intervention of the police has done little to convince me that this animal will not cause more grief in the future.”

The attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier type breed is the second such incident to be reported by the Herald this month.

Earlier it was claimed that the same type of dog mauled another dog in the Cairnie Crescent area.

And in July of this year a Chihuahua died after being attacked by a pit bull in Springfield Park.

Now, the victim’s relative is calling for more clarification of the law on dangerous dogs before anybody else is attacked.

He added: “Maybe police can give some clarification regarding the law around this type of incident.

“In particular, clarity around the nature of attack and or severity that would result in this course of action being taken.

“Finally what will it take to ensure this type of incident does not happen again? The next victim could easily be a child, and the outcome could very well be far more serious.

“It’s time the law stopped pussy footing around this subject, and rid our streets once and for all of these dangerous animals.”

A spokeswoman from Tayside Police confirmed that the incident took place.

She said: “Police can confirm they received a call at 10.30 on Sunday, October 30 and following the attack, the victim attended Ninewells Hospital.”