Very clever twist 
on comedy caper


There will be laughs galore at Carnoustie Theatre Club’s latest production, an adaptation of a Scottish comedy classic.

Their autumn production is ‘Whisky Galore’, Paul Godfrey’s adaptation of Compton Mackenzie’s well-known novel.

It is World War Two, and due to rationing, there is not a drop of whisky to be had. Then the SS Cabinet Minister runs aground and the crew has to abandon the cargo of 50,000 cases of the best quality whisky!

How the villagers react to the situation is recreated by three frightfully proper actors in evening dress gathered round the microphones in a 1940s BBC drama recording studio.

Their valiant attempts are assisted and sometimes thwarted by their very overworked studio manager, who is also in charge of the 100 sound effects required!

The play will be presented in Dibble Tree Theatre from September 8-13 and tickets are on sale from the Fobel Shop. Adults £7, concessions £6.