Vans crossing the line at Kirkton

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The saga of bad parking in Arbroath appears to be trundling along, or in the case of Kirkton Industrial Estate, coming to a dead stop.

The Herald was contacted earlier this week by a concerned citizen keen to highlight the problems experienced at Matthew Kerr Place, and in particular at the nearby S-bend.

“We got the yellow lines put down about a year and a half ago but lately they’ve been severely abused by vans on the lines, on the pavement, double parked, people working on vehicles when they shouldn’t be. There’s now oil contaminating the road surfaces.

“The bulk of the main offenders are parked there permanently.

“There are usually three or four on the pavement or double yellows.”

He continued: “The area is used a lot by dog walkers and school children, it’s not good for them because they’ve got to move out into the road to cross or move between the vans, it’s dangerous and they could get oil on themselves.”

Do you know of any black spots for parking abuses in Arbroath? Get in touch, send us your pictures and stories.