Two out of three ain’t bad!

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ARBROATH pensioner Donald McKenzie netted a £1,000 windfall from Arbroath Vics annual draw, and then prayed he could make it third time lucky with another big win.

McKenzie netted the generous prize after buying two £10 tickets for the junior side’s annual draw, the second time he’s struck it big in a raffle after a £500 success in the mid 1980s.

And after receiving his money from Vics’ club president Russell Ruxton, Mr McKenzie said: “I’ve always been a great believer that things happen in threes.

“I won £500 in a cricket club draw many years ago and now I’ve won this. Had they both been £1,000 prizes I would have been absolutely convinced there was another £1,000 coming from somewhere!

“It’s great to win though and was a big surprise. I only bought tickets to help out my son’s club so it was a big surprise when I won.”

l Mr McKenzie, pictured here receiving his cheque from Vics’ president Russell Ruxton.