Tree vandalism slammed

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Four ornamental pear trees were vandalised in the Rose Garden at Springfield Park over the weekend evoking criticism from all quarters.

A council spokesperson confirmed that four ornamental pear trees (pyrus) had suffered damage, adding: “Three trees were snapped in half and one tree had all of its bark removed. Upon discovering the vandalism on Monday morning we reported the matter to the police.”

The spokesperson revealed that the cost of each tree is ££120.

A reader, Kelly Bennett, commented via our Facebook page: “I was really saddened to see someone had found pleasure in ripping up trees at the Rose Garden at Springfield Park.

“Another lovely space in the town damaged at the hands of vandals.”

Councillor Bob Spink, councillor for the area, stated: “I am truly appalled and disappointed to again learn of vandalism and destruction of trees at the rose garden in Springfield Park.

“I recall some years ago when this lovely rose garden was a haven of quiet and restful beauty and such a pleasant spot to sit for a while on a sunny day.

“This was vandalised then and the resultant costs forced the council to restrict the planting especially of roses, its main function.

“Now it happens again and I despair, not only at the cost, but at the attitude of those who think so little of the value of beauty and the joy of plants and flowers in a quiet spot.

“We often hear of civic pride or the lack of it and here is good example of the lack of it, and I urge anyone who has seen such vandalism or has knowledge of the perpetrators not to hesitate in ‘phoning the police.”

And the chairman of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council, Ian Watson, commented: “This is another example of vandalism hitting local people where it hurts. The Rose Garden has always been a pleasant place to sit and ponder. And many people in the past have had their wedding pictures taken there, so it would evoke many, many happy memories.

“As well as despoiling a garden, the perpetrators of this act will also hit us in the pocket, as our council tax has been used to buy the trees and plant them up in pleasant surroundings. I hope that the police catch the perpetrators and that they get more than a slap on the wrist.”