Prioritise rail improvements - MSP

Alison McInnes
Alison McInnes

Scottish Liberal Democrat North East MSP Alison McInnes recently demanded that improvements to the East Coast mainline between Aberdeen and Edinburgh be designated a national priority.

During a parliamentary debate on the draft third national planning framework, Ms McInnes argued that the continued success of the North East economy is dependent upon improving the region’s archaic transport links.

Speaking after the debate, Ms McInnes said: “The North East is the power house of Scotland’s economy and effective transport links are critical to sustaining this. With three quarters of a billion pounds already being spent on improving rail services between Edinburgh and Glasgow, people in the North East are understandably asking why the Scottish Government’s focus is on spending billions on further improving the relatively short journey time between the cities through a fifth line.

“Meanwhile, the mainline to Europe’s oil capital still reduces to single track with journey times that are a throwback to the Victorian era. It is a real barrier to attracting talent and investment. “In order to stimulate and nurture further economic success and facilitate its growing population, transport links must better support the region.”