Montrose Road crossing now open

Councillor Bob Spink and Angus Copland try out the new pedestrian crossing on the Montrose Road.
Councillor Bob Spink and Angus Copland try out the new pedestrian crossing on the Montrose Road.

EVERYONE involved in the lengthy campaign to have a pedestrian crossing provided at Montrose Road will be delighted to learn that it is now open.

The campaign for a crossing in the area was headed by Mr and Mrs Angus Copland, Grampian Gardens, and there was huge support for a proper facility.

Mrs Copland has sadly since died. Mr Copland spoke in favour of a crossing being provided at an Angus Council committee meeting.

A petition was also organised and received 360 signatures before being presented to Arbroath East and Lunan councillor Bob Spink.

Councillor Spink commented this week: “The council supported by a majority the need for a crossing at this location and eventually it was applied as a planning condition to house builder Stewart Milne Homes who agreed to construct the crossing when the necessary road improvements were carried out.

“I guess all things come to pass in time and the wheels of the council turn slowly, but turn they do, and the crossing is at last in place much to my satisfaction. It is always good to see projects in which you have been involved come to fruition to the benefit of the community.”

Mr Copland stated: “There were several reasons why I was so involved with the campaign to provide a crossing. I would go along to The Co-operative to get my paper, and watched the old age pensioners, some with sticks, waiting at the side of the road for a gap in the traffic. When I came out they were still there, so I decided to do something about it.

“Also, my next door neighbour was knocked down by a car in the vicinity and was seriously injured.”

He concluded: “I am delighted that the crossing is operational as it should make life easier for so many people.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council stated on Monday: “The new crossing on Montrose Road is being installed by the developer for the housing site, Stewart Milne Homes, and the associated footway works are due to be completed this week following which the signals will be activated.”