Junction status quo for Muirdrum road

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Concerns about road safety at the Muirdrum crossroads junctions were discussed by members of Angus Council’s Communities Committee earlier this week.

The report, which was discussed on Tuesday, outlined possible alternatives to the junction layout, and asked members to note the findings of engineering investigations.

The discussion follows a number of concerns about the junction by local residents. The report, written by Ian Cochrane, head of technical and property services, noted that concerns were raised in March this year, following “dangerous and anti-social driver behaviour”.

The matter was then discussed in April, with an agreement that a report would be represented to the committee, detailing options for solutions, including amending the priorities at the crossroads.

Options included keeping the junction as it was, which was the preferred option, or changing the priorities, so that traffic travelling on the B9128 would no longer be giving way at the junction.

However, of the three options that included changing priorities, two would involve realigning the pavement, which would require purchase of land and present “significant project risk”.

The final option was to change priorities, and not realign the pavements, but the report noted that amending the centre line would create a “sudden, sharp deviation in the road,” not conforming to National Design Standards.

The report included analysis of accident statistics, which indicated “there have been no ‘recorded’ injury accidents in the last three years at the junction”.

It was also noted that there had been only one ‘recorded injury’ accident at the crossroads in the 10-year period since the completion of the A92 dualling from Arbroath to Dundee.

The report continued: “On the basis of the accident statists, no intervention at this junction is merited, which can be considered as the ‘do nothing’ option. It should be noted that ‘do nothing’ would allow for other interventions by Police Scotland in enforcement activities an monitoring of accident statistics by traffic engineers.