Town’s vision for the future welcomed

PLANS drawn up by a local business that show their vision for the future of Arbroath have been broadly welcomed by the community.

But there are worries that investment to carry out some of the ideas might be hard to find.

Last week the Arbroath Herald reported that the Voigt Partnership had set out proposals that they think could form a 20 to 30 year plan to improve the town.

Among the radical plans were creating a plaza area in the centre of the town near Lidl. This would create a focal point from which people could head off to attractions such as the marina, Harbour Visitors’ Centre and the High Street.

Other ideas included improvements at the West Links and extending Kerr’s Miniature Railway right up to the harbour along with a possible relocation of Gayfield, home of Arbroath FC.

The Arbroath Town Centre Regeneration Group, part of Arbroath and Area Partnership have already been working to try and stop the decline in the High Street.

But group leader Harry Simpson says cash may be the stumbling block if any of these proposals are to get off the ground.

He stated: “These ideas are great but where will the money come from?

“Some of these ideas would be really nice to see but we need somebody to come into the town and put some investment down.

“I have always believed in Arbroath but if we can’t get investment I don’t know if we could see these proposals in my lifetime.”

However, Mr Simpson is in agreement with Mike Cosans chairman of Arbroath Community Council.

He said that any ideas are very welcome and that if people are willing to put time into coming up with ideas, investment might be easier to come by.

He added: “Anything to improve the town and open a discussion is good news.

“If we show we have people and companies willing to come up with ideas maybe it will encourage more people to invest money here.”

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