Town Mission hit by another funding cut

AN ARBROATH charity which offers vital support to the elderly community is to be hit with more funding cuts for the second year running.

At their annual general meeting, it was revealed that Arbroath Town Mission’s funding was cut by £31,000 last year by Angus Council and that figure is set to double with £62,000 being cut next year.

The mission provides a lifeline service to older people running activities such as day care, a lunch club, recreational activities and summer minibus outings.

A dedicated team of staff and volunteers has so far allowed the mission to carry on with its full programme of activities this year.

But with funding losses set to double next year staff wages may have to be cut and more fund-raising undertaken.

At the annual general meeting it was also revealed that for the first time since 2008, the centre returned a loss.

Even though the mission itself made a profit of £10,923, the centre lost £14,141 which is added to the funding cuts by the local authority.

The mission say they have been greatly encouraged by the donations and gifts presented to them recently, but it may still not be enough to keep services at their current level.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have a service-level agreement with Arbroath Town Mission to provide day care for those people assessed as requiring this service, and council funding for this has not been cut.

“We previously provided funding for the drop-in community centre.

“This removal of funding was phased over two years to allow the mission to make other arrangements or source other funding.”